Main Projects

We actively support Africa Code Week, an initiative by SAP that empowers millions of children across Africa with digital skills and computer science. The programme now expands to 37 countries and proudly engages on specific SDG focuses like girl empowerment, rural area development and inclusive education.

Primary school children outside the RV Celtic Explorer at SeaFest Cork 7,8,9 June 2019

The Camden Education Trust implements the Explorers Education Programme in partnership with the Marine Institute. The initiative works with primary schools promoting our marine and maritime identity, engage in the environment, as well as increase our awareness and understanding of Ireland’s marine biodiversity, and the value and societal benefits of the ocean.

Young coding learners in Turkey, 2018

The purpose of Digital Skills for Today is to digitally empower youth and minorities in conflict-affected areas. With a wide range of programmes from coding bootcamps to higher-level training, the SAP-led initiative’s goal is to produce market-ready skilled professionals.

For the first year, the Camden Education Trust will implement Ireland’s participation in the World Robotics Olympiad, an international competition dedicated to science, technology and education.

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