World Robot Olympiad

The World Robot Olympiad is a truly global competition that challenges everyone from 6 up to 25 years old. There are four competition categories each with their own characteristics and challenges:

  • Regular Category
  • Open Category 
  • WRO Football
  • Advanced Robotics Challenge 

Each season, the challenges and theme for the Regular and Open Category are developed with the country that hosts the International Final. The WRO Football rules and the Advanced Robotics Challenge game are designed together with experts in the WRO community.

For the first time in 2019, WRO was organised in Ireland by the Camden Education Trust in partnership with SAP. The competition took place in Galway in November with no less than 30 students from 3 different schools.

The Camden Education Trust Chief Executive Bernard Kirk, said: “This is a pilot event where we are working with Galway schools. We are back in Galway due to our positive experience with teachers in Galway over the past 21 years. The Camden Education Trust sees this competition growing to be national in the next 2/3 years and we are extremely excited about the feedback from the teachers, on the teaching and learning involved in the World Robotics Olympiad. “